Saturday, January 17, 2009


This requires very little time, even less talent, and absolutely NO treasure.
Yes, you too can help save the world without having to lift more than one finger!

I believe none of these require you to sign up at the site -- if any do, they give you the option to receive absolutely no emails ever. The first one needs no clicking at all; the 2nd requires clicking on the first 5 frames and last 2. At least one (the last one) only allows a certain number of clicks per day, but it usually doesn't reach this number till after midnight Central time, and the "day" resets at 2am.

Daily Donation Page
Daily Charity (requires registration)
World Legacy
Donate bibles

Here are s'more click-to-give sites, which i no longer use, simply b/c every charity on them has already gotten at least one "click" from me on the above sites! If you're feeling ulra-noble, though, and have a minute to spare, go nuts! :) As I haven't used them in some time, i don't know that all the charities you can click for are still around.

Click to Donate Free
Click to Donate (this is also a social networking type site, focused on causes, which has a LOT of different groups you can join; or you can start your own! I did!
Amazingly, my group has 250 members from at least a half-dozen countries!!! when i started it, there were no other rat groups. now i think there are at least 3 more.)
Click to Donate FREE!
Charity Click Donation - Bulk


Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done...

-Matthew 6:10