Friday, January 20, 2012


The time is long past due for the world -- America, especially -- to wake up to the fact that Islam IS inherently violent and intolerant.  No other religion can compete with the death and destruction it has inflicted upon humankind (although atheism, and commun-/socialism, have certainly tried).  Liberals/Progressives who loathe Christianity but love Islam. . .WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS?!?!  You think Christians are intolerant of homosexuality?   WE WON'T KILL YOU FOR IT!   You think we're hypocritical for choosing a fetus' life over a mother's will?   WE WON'T STONE A WOMAN THAT ONE OF US RAPED, FOR BEING AN ADULTERESS!  Christianity and Judaism, like the people who comprise them, are far from perfect.  But they are renowned for things like democracy and representative republics, The U.S. Constitution, peace, great inventions and human progress in general!  Please tell me, how does Islam compete with ANY of that???

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Corporate America, you let me down again

I got me a pair of Verilux HappyLight(R)s the other day!

It seems to be working so far (reducing the effects of Winter Blues/Seasonal Affective Disorder).
The company's warranty registration page -- and issue submission page -- left me far from happy, however.
NOW the stupid product info page is taking forever to load, perhaps because it's tied to !
(Apparently, the HappyLight(R) 2500, when purchased as a single unit, has a different model number. . .which is not
to be found on their warranty registration page!  I nabbed 'em for $30 each @ )

Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done...

-Matthew 6:10