Friday, September 7, 2012

Spybot S+D 2.0.10 RC2 disappoints

I dunno bout you all, but i haven't really cared for any Spybot Search + Destroy release since 1.6.2, i think it was.
Seems like it's been well over a year, and several betas or release candidates, since then.
(Granted, this is only the 3rd i've tried in all this time. . .)

The updating worked fine, as did the immunization, and i'm not one to gripe about a major interface overhaul.
Haven't done a "search and destroy" scan yet, largely because the (new?) rootkit scan was deluged with false positives!
I don't know what else to call a bunch of PICTURES that i myself took and uploaded!!!

The Quick Scan brought up only the folder seen at bottom of this pic, then the Deep Scan brought up all the items seen
in this list and a WHOLE lot more (most of which were also pictures that i myself took an uploaded).
My understanding of rootkits is admittedly very limited. . .but is it even possible to get one into a jpg?!?!

Oh, one other annoyance: Even if you go into Settings and opt NOT to have any parts of the program running at startup
or on schedule, and then manually kill each process in Process Explorer, and FURTHER STILL set each process to
"Manual" in the Microsoft Services Console ("msc" in the Run command window or Search), you may still find the
stupid processes loading themselves!  Turns out the ONLY WAY to keep this from happening (apart from, i'm hoping,
setting each process to "Disabled" in MSC) is from within the program itself (somewhere other than Settings)! 
And of course they don't bother to make it evident on that screen that this is the situation.

Ad-Aware is another formerly-great program, which i haven't used in many years.  I saw recently that they now have
bundled anti-virus in with their anti-malware. . .i don't even want to think about trying that out.
Hard to believe that i spent years running Spybot and Ad-Aware exclusively, neither memory-resident mind you,
just updating and running each of them alternately, every week or two.  Oh, and AVG of course, which WAS mem-res
(always running).

Thank goodness for Avast, and the occasional use of SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes!

Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done...

-Matthew 6:10

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